Installing Visual Studio 2005 and 2012 on same machine

on Apr 09, 2014 04:15 AM

dear fellas,

i have a question to ask regarding vs2005.

currently im using vs2012 to develop system. but i was assign a task to assist develoe other system using vs2005. im a newbie in visual studio that i didnt know much.

i try to install but then it wasnt compatible. and i has been asked to install service pack 1 and second service pack 1. 

my question is if i install the service pack 1 will it effect my vs2012 or any of the vs2012 setting? because i might need to use my vs2012 for later project.

can u help me please?


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on Apr 09, 2014 05:25 AM

VS 2012 and VS 2005 are different and installing Service Pack of VS 2005 will not affect VS 2012