[Solved] IIS Authorization: Cannot verify access to path

on Jul 11, 2014 04:38 AM

i had tried to upload by doing :

1- Right clicking on Sites

2- Right clicking on Default Websites > Add Application .

3- Alias : ABC , Application Pool = DefaultAppPool , Physical Path = D:\ABC 

but in Test Settings it shows GREEN on Authentication but Yellow on Authorization (Cannot Verify Access Path (D:\ABC) ....

NOTE : I am using local Account in Windows 8 , i don't have administrator account enabled .... i know if i enable adminstrator account through CMD , and without loging to admin account , just staying at local account if i do :

1 - Connect As > SpecificUser > UserName = Administrator , Password = ABCD

it will show GREEN on both Authentication and Authorization and will show my website , but problem is that it won't connect to database ..... so what's the proper way of handling IIS 8 ?

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on Jul 11, 2014 05:25 AM

Click Connect As.

And there select Specific User and then type in the windows username and password.

Finally click Test settings and it will work