Add System.DirectoryServices assembly reference to project in ASP.Net

on Jan 04, 2022 06:08 AM

hi dharmendr sir,

sir can you guide me please how to add assembly reference in my web application for active directory authentication.

Add a new assembly reference to System.DirectoryServices.dll. This provides access to the System.DirectoryServices namespace that contains managed types to help with Active Directory querying and manipulation.

i didnt get above step.

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on Jan 04, 2022 06:11 AM
on Jan 04, 2022 06:14 AM

Hi sofia,

Follow the below steps.

1. Right click on References under your solution.

2. Select Add Reference. The reference can be found under the Framework Assemblies list.

3. Select System.DirectoryServices and click Add.

Or use Nuget to install System.DirectoryServices using below command.

Install-Package System.DirectoryServices -Version 4.0.0