Redirect to same page not working after deployment in IIS in ASP.Net

on Jun 29, 2018 12:34 AM

when i host in localhost my project is working perfectly. but if i host my project in internet its not working properly. especially redirecting page. all other pages are working correctly. once i submit my registration page it should be redirect to same page with warning message. but here my datas are saving in database but not redirecting to the page. i had checked in webconfig there is no fault in webconfig file. now inform me which coding im have to check.

Response.Redirect("register.aspx?RegistrationID=" + base64Encode(RegistrationID));

i am not getting any error. my process is to register the data. once i register i the data it should be redirect to same page and all fields to be empty. when i run in local host this process sucessfully doing. but while hosting the internet, when i register the data, the datas are storing in the database. but its not rediecting to the same page. and what i entered in the fields they are remain same.

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on Jun 29, 2018 01:40 AM

To Redirect to the same page use