[Solved] Linq search result displaying same result for every id in ASP.Net MVC

on Apr 22, 2019 11:57 PM

I have a user that can create multiple time sheets at a time each if a user creates a timesheet and creates more than 1 project at 1 time it will create separate timesheetdetails for each project but they will all have the same timesheetmaster.

How can I specifically pick each timesheetdetail when a user clicks on each one separately.

Right now I’m using firstordefault and it will only pick the first one even when you click on a 2nd one and are trying to get the second ones details

I may have had a lil trouble explaining this and maybe I have a design issue in my view but here is my code it has a list of all the records but can only select 1 if more than 1 has the same masterID but every detailId is different.

        //GET: /TimeSheet/UserTimeDetails/{uid}{tid}
        public async Task<ActionResult> UserTimeDetails(string uid, int tid)
            var tmaster = await context.TimeSheetMaster.Where(t =>
                          t.TimeSheetMasterId == tid).FirstOrDefaultAsync();
            var tdetail = await context.TimeSheetDetails.Where(t => 
                          t.TimeSheetMasterId == tmaster.TimeSheetMasterId).FirstOrDefaultAsync();
            var project = await context.Projects.Where(p => 
                          p.ProjectId == tdetail.ProjectId).FirstOrDefaultAsync();

            var userTimeDetails = (from t in context.TimeSheetMaster
                                   join d in context.TimeSheetDetails
                                   on t.TimeSheetMasterId equals d.TimeSheetMasterId
                                   where t.UserId == uid
                                   select new TimeSheetDetailsModel()
                                       TimeSheetMasterId = t.TimeSheetMasterId,
                                       Sunday = d.Sunday,
                                       Monday = d.Monday,
                                       Tuesday = d.Tuesday,
                                       Wednesday = d.Wednesday,
                                       Thursday = d.Thursday,
                                       Friday = d.Friday,
                                       Saturday = d.Saturday,
                                       Hours = t.TotalHours,
                                       ProjectName = project.ProjectName,
                                       ProjectId = project.ProjectId,
                                       UserId = t.UserId,
                                       Comment = t.Comment
            if (userTimeDetails == null)
                return HttpNotFound();

            return View(await userTimeDetails.FirstOrDefaultAsync());


    @Html.ActionLink("Details", "UserTimeDetails", 
        new { uid = item.UserId, tid = item.TimeSheetMasterId }, 
        new { @class = "btn btn-info" })


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on Apr 22, 2019 11:56 PM
bigbear says:
where t.UserId == uid

 Add another condition in your where clause.

where t.UserId == uid && t.TimeSheetMasterId == tid