Display date 1900-01-01 as NULL in ASP.Net GridView using C# and VB.Net

on Aug 04, 2021 06:30 AM


I would like to show null values to my sql backend table and vb webforms and grid. I have multiple date fields, where i would like it to show null so the user updates with the correct dates. 

The null values i want to show are date fields. The way it works is: the user will open a new form, fill in relevant stuff, but some date fields will be filled in on later days. this data will be stored in a SQL backend which will be shown to the user as a live grid. 

Now the dates that are blank on the form are showing as 1900-01-01 in SQL and then its showing 1900-01-01 in the grid too. i want to it show as NULL in both SQL and Grid. 

Hope this make sense.


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