Implement jQuery DatePicker in ASP.Net with VS2012

on Aug 31, 2021 11:02 PM

At. Mr. Darmendr

After adding the package recommended by you to VS 2012, it can be seen in the ASP.Net solution explorer that I am trying to create a new Scripts folder with several js extension files and a new pakages.config file. On the other hand, it recommends me to drag the js and css Content files to the web page (withdraw.aspx) where I try to select a date for the textbox (txtFe), however I cannot find the Content.

Perhaps, if I study other similar cases on the web, I will better understand this insertion and uses of java control packages, and achieve what I intend. To date I have only programmed with Win Forms under the Visual Basic 2010 environment, although now I try to operate on web pages, via ASP.Net from VS 2012 and its corresponding withdraw.aspx.vb for example.

Thank you and take care 

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on Sep 01, 2021 04:18 AM