Visual Studio Error: Oracle client and networking components were not found

on Jul 19, 2019 12:22 AM

Hi All,

I am Vasudev, I recently stuck with an issue with Visual Studio 2005.

Before a week it used to work perfectly fine and but in recent days I could not able to Open Visual Studio.
When I open Visual Studio it is getting Stuck and it is not opening completely.

Steps Taken to Resolve:

1. I tried to uninstall vs2005 and tried to reintsall - but the same issue repeated.

2. I tried to reset the system to a point before a week - but the issue is not resolved

3. I tried to reset the PC completely to Factory Settings and installed VS2005 now I can able to resolve the issue with VS2005

4. VS 2005 was opening file and perfectly well but I am missing few Oracle components

5. Attacching the Error Message and relevant Screenshots

Message :"Oracle client and networking components were not found. These components are supplied by oracle corporation and are part of the
Oracle Version 7.3.3 or later client software installation.
Provider is unable to function until these components are installed."

Could you please help me out ?



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