Copy and rename ASP.Net existing application in Visual Studio

on Apr 14, 2022 11:11 PM

Have a application running on server and wish to duplicate it for some testing.  Am able to copy source code to new folder but need to create new files in BIN folder with different names than existing running project.

What's the procedure  - using VS2012

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on Apr 15, 2022 12:34 AM

You are be able to copy paste a solution's entire folder to a new location and you have to updated all references from old path to new.

Example: Test_MVC solution lives in c:\Test_MVC and you want to duplicate it as c:\My_MVC.

Forst copy paste folder c:\Test_MVC to c:\My_MVC.

Then c:\Test_MVC, rename all files that contain an Test_MVC to contain My_MVC instead.

Then c:\Test_MVC, delete *.suo.

Then open Visual Studio (without opening a solution), and do a Replace in Files like this:

1. Folder: c:\My_MVC

2. Filetypes: *.*

3. From: Test_MVC

4. To: My_MVC

Then open solution c:\My_MVC\My_MVC.sln and rebuild all.