Create setup (.exe) file to update previous versions in Windows Application

on Jun 06, 2021 11:40 PM

I have designed a single window form which contains the following field.


ID, FirtName, LastName, Phone

Information Form

FirstName :    

Last Name:   


Save    update    Delete

Data in Datagridview

FirstName      Last Name      Phone

A                    S                    1

B                    K                    2

C                    Y                    3

After desiging this i created the setup file and install it on pc. .We can say it version 1.

After some days, i worked on this page and made some changes more in that window form and add more columns in the database like that


FirstName, LastName,Phone,Email,Address,Gender,CNIC.

Moreover, I have added one window form more which contains the info like that


ID, Name, Remarks

Name       Remarks

A              Vacinated

B              not vacinated

After modifying these i created setup file again.

We can say it version 2.

Now my requirement is that in which pc already installed version 1 should have the functionality to upgrade. There should be display auto message that please upgrade your version. Now, when we click on upgrade button then version 1 should be removed and version 2 must be installed and also database should be updated if i made some changes in database. How to get it?

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