Display HTML String in ASP.Net Core Razor Pages

on Jan 09, 2022 10:04 PM


I am trying to return to UI a string embedded with link in simple .NET Core razor page code behind C#.

The code is as

string myUrl = "https://bnsf.service-now.com/sp?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=9feb4125db025050ac30389f9d9619ee";
status.Message = "Click" + "<a href= '" + myUrl +"'>Here</a>";
msg = status.Message;
return msg;

The above code is not working, myURL is displayed as plain text.

Please let me know which namespaces to be included in the to display myURL as link on UI.


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on Jan 09, 2022 11:00 PM

Hi sunkana,

Use HtmlHelper.Raw that rendered as HTML markup.

Check this example. Now please take its reference and correct your code.

Index Model

public class IndexModel : PageModel
    public string Message { get; set; }
    public void OnGet()
        this.Message = GetMessage();

    public string GetMessage()
        string myUrl = "https://www.aspsnippets.com";
        return "Click " + "<a href= '" + myUrl + "' target='_blank'>Here</a>";

Razor View

@addTagHelper*, Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.TagHelpers
@model Link_Message_Razor.Pages.IndexModel
    Layout = null;

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />