Group records in ASP.Net RDLC report

on Aug 04, 2022 10:47 PM

Please help i have this record i would want to display 2 records on every page but i tried using this function CEILING(RowNumber(Nothing)/2) it returns just a two records but not in there groups .

how can i return them in their own groups arranged as below?

i would want the account and its details to be displayed as is here two accounts with its details per page

thanks in advance

Account Serial No. Book Name
18-07342 2520-0140 Home -Study Learning S3 Sciences
  2519-0140 Home-Study Learning S3 Humanities
18-07343 0772-0001 Comprehensive Commerce for schools and colleges
18-07344 2520-0220 Home -Study Learning S3 Sciences
2519-0220 Home-Study Learning S3 Humanities
18-07351 2520-0255 Home -Study Learning S3 Sciences
18-07355 0971-0019 Rest of Africa, North America and Rhinelands
18-07375 2520-0114 Home -Study Learning S3 Sciences
2519-0114 Home-Study Learning S3 Humanities
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on Aug 06, 2022 06:54 AM