How to use SignalR chat in ASP.Net Web Forms Example

on Nov 26, 2014 02:52 AM

2 questions

i) I am trying to establish a web page with chat facility on web form, since most of the other pages of that site have already been done on Web form and not in MVC. While searching some Jquery based chat examples for web form, none were available and even very few ones available are not working. So, I guess the SignalR feature is only doable from MVC and not from Web forms. Is it so?

If not, provide me with some good examples which works well...

ii)  The hardest part is the Global.asax.cs page....Global.asax is available on Web forms and not Global.asax.cs.


How to accomplish this?


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on Nov 26, 2014 03:05 AM


Inside that link click on this link

2)There is only one Global.asax not Global.asax.cs