Display Hierarchical TreeView from Database using jQuery in ASP.Net

on Jun 24, 2022 01:32 AM

How to display Hierarchical Tree view.

I have members and their referral member's id stored in a database.

I need a JavaScript code to display parent and child tree from the database.

Parent ID CHild Id Child Name
1 48 Tsibu Richard
1 42 Amponsah Owusu Sheila
1 38 Arthur Sophia
48 150 Amosah Nogrow Stephany
48 151 Ofosuah Asante Emmanuella
42 152 Abass Nadia
42 153 Amissah Olivia
42 154 Saah Efua
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on Jun 24, 2022 04:35 AM

Refer below link.

jQuery jsTree in ASP.Net from database example

Here in the example DataTable is used for creating the Tree. You need to replace the code with Database code.