How can i remove the existing history(data) for textbox

Naresh G
on Jan 18, 2012 11:11 PM

Hi all,

I developed one that am entering any values in the text box.
it will pick up the values.but my problem was when i enter values into the text-box for next time or after log-off and log-on the window,the existing values or shown to the can i remove those existing values from the text-box.

i don't want keep existing values for any text-box what should i do..

any one suggest me how can i solve the problem

Thanks in advance.

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on Jan 18, 2012 11:18 PM

How can the values be shown after logoff. Do you redirect to different page or remain on same page after logout

Naresh G
on Jan 19, 2012 01:36 AM



  The problem was solved.

if i use autocomplete = "off" ..

<asp:TextBox Runat="server" ID="Textbox1" autocomplete="off"></asp:TextBox>
on Jan 19, 2012 01:53 AM

Your question was not clear. This issue has no relation with logging on and off, even a simple page that does postback with retain values if Autocomplete is ON in browser


Also if you want to be more accurate set Autocomplete off for form