Keep Windows Form Application running when any exception (error) occur

on Jan 20, 2021 11:51 PM

Hello Everyone,

I have googled so far but I cannot find any solution, I am looking for a function that if a user makes some mistake by typing non-integer values in the text filed or the connection to SQL is lost or there is no internet to run I would like that there comes an error (application-wise) that won't stop the whole application, it will just give an error and the user can continue with the application. 

This link explains it good but it requires that I know the error that might be, if I would know what kind of error there is I would fix it or avoid it before sharing it with others.

I thought (it could be wrong or it could be that it does not exist) if there is a way that when the error appears not to stop the whole application just to show the error in nicely manner (application-wise = same as application layout) and not stop it, but the users to know what is wrong. 

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on Jan 22, 2021 05:51 AM


I got a new link for this specific issue, It describes good.

Here is the link : 

VB.NET Global Try Catch in the Application Framework

Thank you