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Can we connect ASP.Net Web Application to Database?

Yes one can easily connect an ASP.Net Application to Database with the help of .Net Framework and other supporting libraries such as ADO.Net, Entity Framework, etc.

What is the term PostBack in ASP.Net?

PostBack is an ASP.Net term for Form Submission. When User clicks a Submit Button, the Form data is sent to the Server for processing, this process is called PostBack.

What is ViewState?

ViewState is used to manage and preserve the State of a Web Page. ViewState data is stored in Hashed Format in a Hidden Field on the Web Page.
ViewState helps preserve the Form Field values across PostBacks.

When does ViewState expire or its destroyed?

ViewState expires or gets destroyed when the User:
1. Closes Browsers.
2. Refreshes page.
3. Redirects to another Page.

What is Session?

Session is used to store User data on Server Side in ASP.Net. Session is User-Specific means the data is not shared and it is unique for each User.

Results 6 - 10 of 13