ASP.Net: Change DIV class based on JSON value returned by jQuery Ajax

on May 06, 2022 11:09 PM

I did some work and couldn't make it to the working conditions.

Posting here to get some help.

In my HTML view, there is a class.

So to get some results I'm using AJAX code and in return according to the result of the JSON value, I want to change the class to another.

This is the code

<div class="stats-small__data">
    <span class="stats-small__percentage" id="SatisPrecent"></span>

so this span class mainly has,

  1. stats-small__percentage stats-small__percentage--decrease
  2. stats-small__percentage stats-small__percentage--increase

I want to change with the result of ,

if (data.SatisAva > 50) {
   document.getElementById("SatisPrecent").classList.add = 'stats-small__percentage--decrease';
} else {
   document.getElementById("SatisPrecent").classList.add = 'stats-small__percentage--increase';

So the current code is not working as I wanted to.

Little help here?

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on May 07, 2022 07:00 AM

Hi smcdevelopmen...,

Please refer below code sample.


<div class="stats-small__data">
    <span class="stats-small__percentage" id="SatisPrecent"></span>
<input type="button" onclick="ChangeClass()" value="Submit" />

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    function ChangeClass() {
            type: "POST",
            url: "Default.aspx/GetData",
            data: '{}',
            contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
            dataType: "json",
            success: function (response) {
                if (response.d == 1) {
                } else {



public static int GetData()
    int num = 1;
    return num;


Public Shared Function GetData() As Integer
    Dim num As Integer = 1
    Return num
End Function