[Solved] CSS (stylesheet) changes not updating in browser

on Apr 27, 2022 11:02 PM

I edited the background colors in my WebApp1.css. The Web Forms show exactly what they should in Design mode, but when I build and run, the background colors remain what they were formerly. I even dumped all copies of Visual Studio (2019) and re-loaded the web app. No change. Here is the css content in full: 

    body {
        padding-top: 0px;
        padding-bottom: 90px;
        background-color: cadetblue;

        body.main {
            padding-top: 0px;
            padding-bottom: 90px;
            background-color: cyan;

        body.copath {
            padding-top: 0px;
            padding-bottom: 90px;
            background-color: lightgreen;

    h1 {
        font-family: Arial;
        margin: -6px;

        h1.main {
            padding-top: 0px;
            padding-left: 10px;
            margin: -10px;

    ul.nav {
        padding-top: 0px;
        padding-left: 0px;
        margin: -5px;
        text-align: left;

        ul.nav > li {
            display: inline-block;
            padding: 10px 10px;
            height: 10px;

            ul.nav > li:hover {
                background-color: cornflowerblue;

            ul.nav > li > a {
                color: mediumblue;
                text-decoration: none;

Here are the relevant pieces of Source:

In Main.aspx

<body class="main">

in DEP.aspx


in Copath.aspx

<body class="copath">



In every case, when I switch from Source to Design view, I see the proper background color. When I run the application (from VS), Every Web Form shows the original background color from weeks ago (bisque).

What is going on?

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on Apr 28, 2022 06:11 AM

Press ctrl + F5 in the browser to update the changes.