Custom font works locally but not on server after deployment

on Sep 22, 2021 07:10 AM

i have problem with my host name when i run the page from localhost (IIS Express) font work with report viwer

when i upload my project to host server font not working in report viewer

when i add in  master page font only work with page

<style type="text/css">
    body {
        font-size: 14pt;
        font-weight: bold;
    @font-face {
        font-family:PT Heading;
        src: url("~/Fonts/Ptbldhad.ttf");
        src: local("PT Heading"), url(~/Fonts/Ptbldhad.ttf) format("truetype");
    page {
        text-align: center;

also i have old  project WinForm VB.NET same report viwer with tax and report and run same host name working very well

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