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28 Jun 2013 28 Jun 2013 4 Comments  91387 Views
Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example and attached sample code, how to make use of SqlDataSource FilterExpression with FilterParameters to filter records in ASP.Net GridView control. In order to filter the GridView records, I am making use of a DropDownList control that will be used to select the filter records in GridView. The DropDownList will be specified as ControlParameter in the SqlDataSource FilterParameters, so that when a Value is selected in the DropDownList it will filter the GridView Records.
01 Jul 2009 01 Jul 2009 0 Comments  72724 Views
Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has described how to refresh a part of page periodically (at regular intervals) without using JavaScript AJAX or timers in ASP.Net.
Results 26 - 27 of 27