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31 Jul 2014 31 Jul 2014 7 Comments  43615 Views
Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to solve the problem of RequiredFieldValidator not working when OnCientClick event is added to the Button in ASP.Net.

Thus in order to make the RequiredFieldValidator work with OnClientClick we need to make use of Page_ClientValidate JavaScript function of ASP.Net Validators to perform validation explicitly.
30 Jun 2014 30 Jun 2014 2 Comments  45399 Views
Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to do Start Date End Date Validation compare validation such that selected Start date should be less than End date in dd/MM/yyyy format.

In order to compare the dates, I have made use of ASP.Net CompareValidator.
22 Jun 2014 22 Jun 2014 2 Comments  294202 Views
Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to use Regular Expression (Regex) to accept/allow only Alphabets and Space in TextBox in ASP.Net using:-

1. RegularExpression Validator.
2. JavaScript.
3. jQuery.
23 May 2014 23 May 2014 0 Comments  54753 Views
Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to dynamically change the error message of ASP.Net Custom Validator using JavaScript.

In order to illustrate the functioning with an example, I have created a simple form where a person has to enter either Phone Number or Cell Number and based on what he chooses the validation message of the ASP.Net CustomValidator is dynamically changed using JavaScript.
09 Feb 2014 09 Feb 2014 1 Comments  42970 Views
Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan how to validate CheckBoxes inside Repeater and perform at least one checked validation using JavaScript in ASP.Net.

Validation of CheckBoxes inside Repeater is performed using ASP.Net CustomValidator with a client side JavaScript validation function.
Results 21 - 25 of 39