About Me
Author is awarded Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft
I work as a Tech Lead/Web Developer, focusing mainly in ASP.NET technologies. My exploration into programming began at the age of 15;Turbo PASCAL, C, JAVA, VB6,Flash and a variety of other equally obscure acronyms, mainly as a hobby. After several detours, I am here today on the VB.NET to C# channel. I now work on ASP.NET+C#+EF+LINQ+AJAX+JQuery+CSS, which go together like coffee crumble ice cream.
I am a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP since 2009, Microsoft Influencer and a regular contributor at CodeASP.NET ( in which I also moderate, Local Microsoft Community ( but more often at the official Microsoft ASP.NET site ( where I became one of the All-Time Top Answerers with All-Star recognition level (the highest attainable level with 110,000+ points). I am also one of the Quiz Masters at and one the influencers.
My main interests include technologies, supernaturals, ghosts, angels, vampires, mythology, mysteries, para-sciences , scifi,music, guitars and motorbikes.