In this article I will explain with an example, how to check whether a CheckBox is checked (selected) or not checked (not selected) using jQuery.
Check if a CheckBox is checked (selected) or not using jQuery
The following HTML Markup consists of an HTML CheckBox and a Button. When the Button is clicked, a jQuery click event handler is executed which first references the CheckBox using its ID and then based on whether it is checked or unchecked, displays a JavaScript alert message box.
<label for="chkPassport">
    <input type="checkbox" id="chkPassport" />
    Do you have Passport?</label>
<br />
<br />
<input type="button" id="btnCheck" value = "Check" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function () {
        $("#btnCheck").click(function () {
            var isChecked = $("#chkPassport").is(":checked");
            if (isChecked) {
                alert("CheckBox checked.");
            } else {
                alert("CheckBox not checked.");
Check if a CheckBox is checked or not using jQuery
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