Here I will explain a workaround to get rid of the problem
MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback not working in Firefox and Chrome browsers
To tackle with this problem I have developed my own logic to maintain scroll position when PostBack occurs or when form is submitted.
You just need to put the script below in your page where you want to maintain scroll position or in your master page. And I have tested this script in 5 major browser and luckily it works in all.
<script type = "text/javascript">
    window.onload = function () {
        var scrollY = parseInt('<%=Request.Form["scrollY"] %>');             
        if (!isNaN(scrollY)) {
            window.scrollTo(0, scrollY);
    window.onscroll = function () {
        var scrollY = document.body.scrollTop;
        if (scrollY == 0) {
            if (window.pageYOffset) {
                scrollY = window.pageYOffset;
            else {
                scrollY = (document.body.parentElement) ? document.body.parentElement.scrollTop : 0;
        if (scrollY > 0) {
            var input = document.getElementById("scrollY");
            if (input == null) {
                input = document.createElement("input");
                input.setAttribute("type", "hidden");
                input.setAttribute("id", "scrollY");
                input.setAttribute("name", "scrollY");
            input.value = scrollY;

The above code has been tested in the following browsers

Internet Explorer  FireFox  Chrome  Safari  Opera 

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